Crystal Gondola

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A descendant of the Landfall Grove, the Crystal Gondola begins its life like its ancestor: as a bone-like root structure covered with crystalline leaves. However, its leaves are larger and hollow, filled with the gaseous byproducts of photosynthesis. The Crystal Gondola's branches are filled with irregular pockets of gas, making them much less dense than the branches of its ancestor. Eventually, the crystals grow large enough to pull the Gondola from the ground and allow it to float out to sea, allowing it to protect its spores as it spreads them out over the southern LadyM Ocean, and even through to southern Vailnoff. The remaining mycelial network will often die off, but can continue growing, sometimes even producing further floating branches. The photosynthetic crystals are still capable of growth, and will continue growing even as the Gondola traverses the vast oceans (or indeed, washes ashore a few metres from its starting point, as is also common). In addition to this, the Gondola will survive by filter feeding, and has developed antibodies to protect itself from the ravages of the Crystalkillers.