Chunky Asterplent

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The Chunky Asterplent split from its ancestor and became large and spherical for water conservation. It retains the ability to go airborne, but it has developed enlarged roots which need time to grow in the ground and thus takes root quickly. It has claw-like caps made of cellulose on its leaves, which prevent water loss from the tips and give juveniles better traction for walking. Its reproductive organ’s opening has shrunk, and a ring of muscles to close it are present and retained in adulthood for water conservation. Its skin is tough and rubbery, helping further in reducing water loss. Its babies have puffier fronds, forming structures more like dandelion seed puffs. Like its ancestor, it gives birth with an exhale-like motion and spends the first part of its life as a motile, faunal juvenile which eats microbes with its roots before taking root to mature into a sessile adult.