Carpotestan Binucleus

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As the Protodevoratori began its dominance of the deeper biomes, many of them would swim up slightly higher than they would normally in order to look for prey, and while they'd rarely take home a catch, they would take home many hitchhikers, the Binucleusdetrivorus being the most influential example. This species would come to inhabit the super-predator later than the parasite that began to cull its numbers, but would become one of the greatest boons of the species to date.

The Binucleus, being over twice the size of the parasites, began devouring any infestations they came across quite quickly, and if it were not for the impressive reproduction rates of the Thermaparasitica, it may have already gone extinct. The Binucleus quickly adapted to the food particle-rich environment of the Protodevoratori's gut, and exploded in numbers, not being hardy enough to survive for prolonged periods of time in the stomach, but being just fine in the intestinal tract.

They live very symbiotically in their host's gut now, while they get provided with food in the form of undigested particles and parasites to eat, they help fight back against parasites and provide their host with vitamins and nutrients to keep them a bit more healthy.