Carpotestan Thermaparasitica

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Ancestors and Descendants
Ancestor: Protomancerxia thermaparasitica
Descendants: N/A

As its name implies, the Carpotestan Thermaparasitica is a new type of parasitic cell that inhabits only members of the Carpotesta line of species; particularly the Tudeep Sucker and Protodevoratori. With their recent evolution in the abyss, it was just a matter of time before some P. thermaparasitica were ingested by passing Carpotestans, and after happening enough times they managed to adapt to live within the comparative giants.

They first developed grabbing appendages from their primitive "arms" that allowed them to anchor into surrounding cells within a Carpotestan's gut lining. Once embedded they used their primitive predatory pili, which extended from a pouch beneath the nucleus, in order to pierce cells within the gut of their host. This pili makes travel much easier for the cell, as there is no longer as much drag from its proboscis.

Most importantly however, is how this species developed at a time where Protodevoratori were starting to explode in population numbers, and because of the speed at which these cells reproduce once within a host's gut, they help keep the population down considerably, as one Carpotestan can be devoured from the inside out in only a week's time, and once this occurs the parasites will flow into the open ocean and hibernate with the hopes of once again coming into contact with a host.