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The Capleaf split from its ancestor, replacing it in Talon-Orpington Tropical Beach and Orpington Tropical Rainforest. The most noticeable physical difference from its ancestor is the fact that all of its leaves have fused into a lilypad-shaped 'cap', increasing available surface area for photosynthesis. When young, its leaves are not fully fused, and thus young capleaves have a frilly, fringed appearance. It grows in large, closely-spaced patches and is quite a common sight throughout its range. It hasn't expanded into the drier habitats to the north of the Tropical Rainforest, however, so its range is somewhat limited.

With this adaptation, it, in a manner of speaking, loses its last vestiges of motility, losing even the ability to flex its leaves when young. Its reproduction, on the other hand, is just like its ancestor's, with airborne spores released from the edge of its cap and germinating directly into sessile young.