Brain Shev

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The Brain Shev split from its ancestor as they entered the tropical waters of the Vailnoff ocean. The colony can now reach a size of 1 meter wide and grows in a dome shaped mound as opposed to the branching structure of its ancestor. The Brain Shev grows much slower than its ancestor, taking 50 years to reach full size. Each colony is effectively immortal through the replacement of individual cells on the deaths of members of the colony, but will eventually die from predation, acidic events, or being grown over by other reef building species. The Brain Shev takes a slow and steady approach to life, its long growth period and sturdy foundation establish it as a foundational member to many reefs, providing solid structure on which other reef builders may eventually build. Their coloration ranges from reds and oranges to teal blues. Each individual colony is capable of resource partitioning with other neighboring colonies, thus isolating and concentrating coloration into distinct colonies. Their reproduction and life cycle are the same as their ancestor.