Blooming Purplestem

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Blooming purplestem split from its ancestor in Darwin Tropical Rainforest, developing an epiphytic habit. They are most common on the dead roots and branches of large crystal flora but also grow on living individuals with negligible harm. They tend to keep only 3 terminal leaf appendages, which form a cup that captures rainwater. The roots serve to anchor individuals in place and are largely incapable of absorbing organic nutrients. Spores have differentiated into macrogametes and microgametes, with microgametes released by highly reduced leaf appendages on the main stem and macrogametes being retained. Upon fertilization, several clonal "seeds" develop and are dispersed by wind. If they land above ground with moderate light and high moisture, they begin to grow.

When large crystal flora beneath the canopy die, they may appear to take on a second life in which the once-sparkling green cover is replaced by a "bloom" of dark purple as the branches are colonized by dozens of blooming purplestems.