Binucleus Neodetritivores

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The Binucleus Neodetritivores replaced their ancestor. While most of Sagan IV’s decomposers are either colonial or motile, the Binucleus Neodetritivores are neither. They just consume and reproduce, surviving and spreading by sheer speed of cell division. To avoid Muller’s Ratchet, they are far more receptive to horizontal gene transfer than their ancestor, helping to keep their genetics fresh. They are primarily found on the ocean floor, riverbeds, mud, and in soil, and they contribute greatly to the decomposition of both fauna and flora. They have notably obtained the ability to denitrify through horizontal gene transfer with Denitrifying Detritis, allowing them to function in anaerobic conditions.

Binucleus Neodetritivores are global. Though they are uncommon in very dry habitats such as hot deserts, they are present nearly everywhere else. Their regional adaptations consist mainly of reproducing more slowly in colder environments, though terrestrial species also have thicker cell membranes to help them resist desiccation.