Binucleus Chitinase

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Binucleus Chitinase split from their ancestor. With the world rolling towards a mass extinction event, there was a sharp increase in dead organisms to feed on. The Binucleus Chitinase are named for the fact that they have gained access to chitinase, which allows them to break down chitin and release nutrients from it, especially nitrogen, back into the environment; this isn't enough to slow the onset of mass extinction, however. They are unicellular and spread through a variety of ways, such as wind, water, and fauna. Some may even live in the guts of fauna, assisting in the digestion of chitinous organisms. They can thrive in anoxic conditions due to their denitrification ability.

At the peak of the mass extinction event, Binucleus Chitinase similarly reach their peak diversity at nearly 10,000 species. However, they will remain diverse as the number of dead things reduce in number, leveling between 700 and 900 species at any given time. The different species tend to be very similar to one another, as they survive by sheer speed of reproduction and have little in the way of other adaptations. They reproduce more slowly in cold environments, and terrestrial species have thicker cell membranes.