Yokto Palmstem

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Yokto Palmstem has taken advantage of the lack of competition for large sizes and grown to 10 times the size of its ancestor. Its leaves have developed into much larger fronds which reach a maximum of 75 cm long. These leaves retain their ancestors spore production on their underside. The spores they produce are transported by the wind and will germinate on contact with soil. They lack any faunal larval stage, and the muscles which it develops early in life will atrophy long before it reaches full size. Their root and vascular system has also developed from its ancestor. The roots are shallow, only extending half a meter into the soil but spreading out a meter from the stem. This gives the Yokto Palmstem a simple support and a large area with which to gather water and nutrients from. Its stem and leaves are covered in a thick cuticle to resist drying out.