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Having split from the Violetweed, this new, grassy organism has colonized truly inland with the development of simple Lignin much like its cousin, the Violetpalm. It photosynthesizes in seasonal clumps across the chaparral, requiring the vernal pools late in the year to get their needed supply of water, and so live in patchwork clusters around and in the littoral zone of said pools so as to not dry out.

The previous year’s seeds will begin to grow along the now full pool’s edge in fall, and they will reach maturity by mid winter and begin the process of exchanging genetic material via wind currents from budding. Once springtime rolls around, the pools will begin to dry up, and with them, the Violetshoots will perish as well, until the cycle begins once again the following autumn.

The species will continually produce buds along the stem, which are made of fibrous genetic material that will get taken by the wind after they've reached maximum size. These fibers can be taken up to even a few miles by the wind currents, and during the spring the Violetshoots can begin growing a relatively large seed atop their stem. This occurs after having their top stem make contact with and absorb passing genetic material. This seed isn't very hardy yet, but depending on how many times a Violetshoot gets randomly fertilized throughout the season, they can produce multiple seeds.