Torquatocauda grandibucha

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T. grandibucha is well adapted to filter-feeding. Its unique tail is composed of several cells twisted together into a sort of rudimentary proto-muscle. This allows it to swim against the drag created by its large filter-flaps. The chemoreceptors remain relatively unchanged but are now positioned so as to allow '3d smell' whereby the direction from which a signal is strongest can be deduced. This information is relayed to the tail by means of a chemical chain, prompting changes in swimming behaviour. Reproduction once again involves the dispersal of spores.

However, due to the alarming success of the Iuncusaquatilis genus, especially I. Scutella, Sammancerxia symbiotae has been driven to extinction. Insufficient light got past the floating mats to sustain S. Symbiotae. please make a note of it.