Tidal Hycrofrond

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Tidal Hycrofrond has taken the first steps to becoming a terrestrial floral species. In the sea it grows much like its ancestor has, living its life cycle as quickly as possible so as not to be beaten out by the crystal flora it shared its home with. In the inter-tidal zones of Hydro and Barlowe it has found relief from its hectic lifestyle. No crystal flora have colonized the polar beaches, so the Tidal Hycrofrond took their place in the inter-tidal zones of Hydro and Barlowe's polar coasts. They have developed a thick cuticle to prevent water loss during low tide. They live their lives annually, with their spores laying dormant in the substrate over winter and then germinating in spring to rapidly grow and turn the shallows into a cyan carpet. Their anchors will regrow new stems and fronds each year.