Tetrovi Tasselweed

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Tetrovi Tasselweed has taken advantage of the low competition in its region and become a giant, growing to 6 meters tall in the warm summer waters west of Ovi. Much like their ancestor they possess a single large float on the end of a now greatly lengthened stipe. They have transitioned from using a multitude of fronds into fewer but larger fronds, so as to better increase the surface area of each frond. If the fronds are damaged new fronds can quickly grow in their place. Its sporangia are located on the bulb itself as opposed to the fronds. This allows for earlier and more frequent production of zoospores and increases the likelihood of successful reproduction throughout the breeding season. Being a fully temperate species they are very seasonal, overwintering in their microscopic gametophyte stage and growing throughout spring and summer. In rocky coasts they form large forests which support large communities of aquatic fauna.