Termite Island Foliostrum

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Termite Island foliostrum evolved from a small founder population of Barlowe foliostrum whose seeds floated unusually far from Barlowe Tropical Rainforest. The lack of herbivory and seedling competition has caused this species to have significantly reduced production of toxic secondary metabolites and exhibit island gigantism. The canopy of Termite Island is dominated by this species to such an extent that Petrolignum species grow sparse and stunted in the understory.

Like its ancestor, sets of 3 leaves are produced at the apical meristem and partially wither away and are re-purposed as inflorescences before falling off entirely, leaving a scar on the trunk. Upon fertilization via airborne gametes, dozens of seeds develop. The seeds are wider (~5 cm) and flatter, allowing for more effective air dispersal.