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The Talpack split from its ancestor and became a carnivore, feeding on its smaller relatives the Mini Wormbacks. Though it retains eyes, it can only sense light and dark, instead using its sensitive tentacles to feel its way around. Similar to early cynodonts of Earth, it has developed an ear canal; its structure allows it to close its ears to keep them clean and free of dirt, while still being able to open up and listen for its prey. Should dirt get into its ears anyway, it is pushed out with a substance similar to earwax. Like a Terran mole, it listens for prey digging into its burrow and moves to intercept and devour them.

As an active air breather, the Talpack climbs above ground during the rain, as it would otherwise drown. This is when it is most vulnerable to predators, but it is also fully capable of defending itself with its sharp teeth. Ironically, despite the increase in weaponry, intraspecific fights have become even rarer than before, as having more deadly teeth also makes fighting a far more risky endeavor. When fighting does occur, it is usually between males over mates.

Like its ancestor, the Talpack is an exclusive burrower. Its limbs have additional claw-like projections which make it much better at digging than before. It has an exoskeleton consisting of a bone inner layer and keratin outer layer, it has to shed the keratin layer, and it lays soft-shelled eggs in deep or well-shaded soil as it burrows.