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With the rise of the Predestar, a population of leafstars split off to find a way to protect themselves—by lying flat on rocks and crystal flora, gripping with their baits, making them far more difficult, but not impossible, to grab. This came at a cost, however; they could no longer live a lazy, sessile life because of the new positions of their baits, and had to become more active consumers. So, they gained the ability to crawl by using their baits like a myriad of tiny legs to slowly crawl over surfaces. This allowed them to move to better light, and it was also advantageous to the crystal flora they lay upon, as they could clear off potential problems such as coatings of Beachadora, Mega Binucleusdetritivorus, and various dead material. Like its ancestor, it photosynthesizes with symbiotic algae cells contained within its own cells.