Southern Mudworm

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The southern mudworm resulted from a population of mudworms moving south into Darwin Polar Coast. Their burrowing behavior has allowed them to survive unchanged for the most part, and helped them gain a foothold in their new environment. After further adaptation, the polar population of mudworms became the southern mudworm.

The southern mudworm looks very similar to its ancestor, with it only missing some spikes and having a golden exoskeleton. It has lost its smaller spikes in order to further streamline its body, making it easier to burrow. However, its larger spikes remain as means of defending itself from potential predators. Its golden coloration allows it to blend in with the golden sediment found in Darwin, making it harder for predators to find. The southern mudworm can easily escape the cold by burrowing underground. Because of this, it spends much of its life burrowing through the sediment, feeding on buried detritus and dung. It is not uncommon for southern mudworms to accidentally run into the burrows of greatfin paralixos, which provide a vast supply of food. However, this comes with the risk of being consumed by the aforementioned greatfin paralixo. Southern mudworms will hibernate in their burrows over the winter, allowing them to survive the bitter cold and lack of food that occurs with the winters along polar coasts.