Smoky Mosshroom

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The Smoky Mosshroom split from its ancestor and spread through tropical and subtropical watersheds, having first entered them through spores being swept downstream in some parts of its ancestor’s range. It often decomposes terrestrial organisms which fell or were washed into the water. Its crystal nature lets both it and its spores avoid desiccation if it were to accidentally germinate above water in wetland and riparian zones, and incidental dispersal by terrestrial fauna such as Plentmowers and Wortopedes allowed it to spread across continental divides easily.

The Smoky Mosshroom is pretty typical as far as Mosshrooms go. It is known for its tendency to encrust dead organisms, almost like quartz crystals inside a geode. Like its ancestor, it lives a short life, produces tons of glittery spores, and appears to have a “fiery” core when held to light.