Slitted Chandelier

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The slitted chandelier evolved from beach chandeliers that spread inland in Hydro. Initially, they followed the Mancerx River, growing along its banks and using it to spread their seeds. From there, they extended into its tributaries, then across the temperate and subtropical watersheds of Hydro. They adapted to the high rainfall of the Hydro Temperate Rainforest, and as a result cannot be found anywhere that isn't at least mildly rainy.

Their name derives from an adaptation in response to the high precipitation. There was a risk of heavy rainfall producing too much pressure and damaging the organism, as it could only flow outward along the sides. Therefore, their cap now has a series of slits, allowing rainwater to trickle through those as well as falling on either end. The cap has a steeper slope as well, encouraging further runoff. The slits also ensure that rain reaches the base of the organism, better nourishing its roots.

The male of the species releases gametes, enclosed in a spore capsule that can travel by rain or water until meeting and fertilizing a female. Females produce seeds, which may be the result of male fertilization, but can also grow asexually. These grow from branch-like extensions that dangle beneath the cap. During heavy rainfall, the onrush of water will sweep away loose seeds, sending them off into the watershed or river. Eventually, the seed will find a spot on land to germinate and grow into a new slitted chandelier.