Slender Catbug

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The Slender Catbug split from its ancestor and became fully carnivorous, making it the first really cat-like catbug. Like a Terran cat, it hunts small prey, specifically terrestrial Astergnathoids, by sneaking up on them and pouncing. It pins its prey with its sickle claws and kills with a swift bite to the neck, severing the spine with the fang-like extensions of its beak. All four of its eyes face forward, helping it to judge how far away its prey is. Its body is more slender, making it lighter and therefore quieter than its ancestor.

Like its ancestor, the Slender Catbug is solitary and somewhat territorial. It may squabble with others of its kind over food and territory in times of drought. Its territory can span a 2-3 kilometer radius from a center point, which is usually a shallow den dug in the dirt; a center point can also be a landmark, such as an especially large rock, if the particular individual happens upon one. They usually respect the territory of other Slender Catbugs when times aren’t tough, though they will cross borders to mate and will allow their own offspring to stay in their territory until they are half grown. Like its ancestor, the Slender Catbug still defends itself with spikes near the end of its abdomen and can communicate with others using its antennae.