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The silvatrop split from the beachtrop and shares a common ancestor with the toxitrop. However, unlike its cousin, the silvatrop adapted to living in the dark understories of the forests it inhabits. In order to conserve energy, it has become smaller and less active, decreasing the amount of energy expended. Their photosynthetic pigment is also darker, allowing them to absorb and use more light for photosynthesis. Like the toxitrop, the silvatrop has a splash cup that makes mating easier. Gametes form inside of the splash cup, and are knocked out of the cup when a raindrop hits said cup. As the water splashes outwards from the cup, some of it will land in a neighboring splash cup, resulting in fertilization. The fertilized gametes will then be washed out from the cup and begin developing into a new silvatrop. Because of this behavior, large numbers of silvatrops will congregate in clearings during rainstorms, taking advantage of their close proximity and the falling rain to reproduce en masse.