Scoopmaw Flutterworm

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The scoopmaw flutterworm evolved as a result of some populations feeding on the inexhaustible supply of matleaves floating on the surface of the ocean. This resulted in the populations adapting to better consume their new source of prey, resulting in the scoopmaw flutterworm.

The scoopmaw flutterworm has changed little from its ancestor. Its cephalic antennae have moved to the top of its head, where they direct matleaves into its mouth. They also have become slightly larger and have randomly developed an extra segment between its last fin-bearing segment and its caudal antennae-bearing segment. They feed by swimming at the surface of the ocean, scooping the mats they frequent into their mouths. While they primarily consume the matleaf, they will often accidentally consume subwebs. When not hunting down matleaves, they will lazily drift at the ocean's surface while photosynthesizing. They are only roused from this state when they detect a predator or a nearby mat of matleaves.