Reef Ribbon

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The Reef Ribbon has adapted to its changing home, out-competing its ancestor in its range. Their body has become even more laterally compressed, giving them their “Ribbon” name. Their gills have flattened as well, becoming denser frills of a lighter green coloration. Their belly gill has transitioned into three flexible tentacles, which it uses to hold itself in place in the reef and to clamber about the polyps. They will spend much of their lives in the Wormosseum reefs, only venturing out when their home reef dies or becomes overcrowded. They serve the Reefs as their main cleaning service, keeping the reef polyps clean of microbial films which grow on them. Were the Reef Ribbons not present the Wormosseum reef's growth would be slowed by the reduction of efficiency of photosynthesis to the reef. The Reef Ribbons' reproduction is much the same as its ancestor, in that they produce live offspring. The method of mating has changed as their anal fingers have become flat fins. Mating now consists of each Ribbon intertwining their belly tentacles to maintain a hold, and wrapping their ribbon like bodies and tails around one another to create cloacal contact. They are otherwise much like their ancestor, possessing inverted pigment cup eyes and a usually inverted mouth or absorbing food.