Raleigh Fringeweed

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Raleigh Fringeweed has developed to better use its body plan. It now grows as a single long stem with short fronds extending out from the stem. This has greatly increased its surface area with which to photosynthesize. Its rhizomes have also developed to hold much firmer to the substrate, holding the loose particles together and reducing shoreline erosion. They are also able to produce runners, letting them take control of large areas of substrate. They don't do well in rocky areas and are thus rare to find there, only growing half the size they could on fine-grained seabeds. Fragmentation is no longer a viable reproductive method for Raleigh Fringeweed. In addition to it sending out runners for asexual reproduction, it can also undergo metagenesis. Zoospores are produced in sporangia located at the tip of the five newest fronds. They are released into the water to form microscopic gametophytes for sexual reproduction and will yield a viable sporophyte if the zygote lands in sandy or finer substrate They grow in the subtropical and tropical waters of the LadyM Ocean around Dixon and Ovi.