Perennial Tasselweed

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Perennial Tasselweed has increased the specialization of its body and developed more specialized structures. The rhizome has developed into a more specialized holdfasting structure which anchors the Perennial Tasselweed to any solid part of the substrate such as rocks. It has developed multiple sets of floats which sprout from a long stipe, and each bulb is filled with gas to provide flotation and hold the Perennial Tasselweed high in the water. It also has specialized fronds near the holdfasts which house sporangia tissue and produce zoospores for reproduction. This reproduction occurs constantly but peaks during fall. The stipe above the sporagium fronds will die and break off from the Perennial Tasselweed every winter to then grow back come spring. The holdfasts are durable and will survive approximately a quarter of its mass being destroyed or eaten before it eventually dies and won't regrow. During winter the holdfast and remaining stipe will lie dormant until spring. Perennial Tasselweed live from 7-10 years and form lasting communities of aquatic forests in the coasts around Dixon and Fermi. The forests in the temperate sees fluctuate in abundance with the seasons. In the subtropics they are even more successful, able to actively reproduce throughout the year and forming vast Fringe Forests in the coastal waters which support large communities of fauna throughout the year.