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An arboreal species, Pentanychos dixonia shown feeding on the ribbons of a Ribbon Willow.

The Pentamowers have branched off from their ancestors starting with a single female which developed a fifth limb, and who produced five limbed offspring. From this start radiated out a wide array of species. They tend to be smaller than their ancestor, ranging from 2 to 8 centimetres and living throughout Ovi, Drake, Dixon, and Talon. Most species have developed an arboreal or semi-arboreal lifestyle, inhabiting the trees of the many forests spread throughout Wright. There are species which will inhabit steppe environments but they have not been able to expand into dryer environments such as deserts. This has barred their spread into Orpington as the only land connection between Orpington and the rest of Wright is a large hot desert. Tropical and subtropical species exhibit brighter coloration and larger membranes between their limbs, while temperate and montane species exhibit darker coloration and smaller membranes. Their diets are composed exclusively of flora and depend on the region. For those that frequent the ground: fern asterplents, grassterplents, and shootstems make up a much of their diets. Arboreal species feed almost exclusively on the trees they inhabit.

Pentamower reproduction has changed from their ancestor. Rather than live birth they have taken to laying eggs. They have developed eggshells composed of cellulose and possess a yolk to provide nourishment. The eggs are laid in clusters of five onto the undersides of rocks or flora. The eggs are mostly watertight but will dry out if they are in direct light. The eggs will hatch anywhere from 1 to 5 days from being laid, depending on the species and dryness of the region.