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Myserchen are a diverse genus of mychen which exist in the wet tropical and subtropical regions of Hybarder. Much like their ancestor they grow on the surfaces of other plants and gather nutrients and water through their porous mycelial network. Their fruiting bodies are the most distinct feature of their bodies and serves to identify sub genuses within the genus.

Some Myserchen have similar fruiting bodies to their ancestor, composed of small buds which may easily break off or release spores to found new Myserchen elsewhere. Others grow only on specific parts of other plants, some growing on exposed roots while others grow on their straight trunks. Those species growing on straight trunks have flat bulbs to increase their usable area for photosynthesis. Species on low roots grow their bulbs upward and tend to have flat capped bulbs to make best use of the low light on the forest floor and tend to be generally larger in overall size.

Reproduction has transitioned to be primarily spore based, with fruiting bodies releasing spores following rains. The spores are hardy and have through flyways been able to spread the genus across the Squidy and Rhino Seas to Barlowe, Darwin and the islands of Termite, Squid and Snow.