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This is the documentation page for Module:Taxonomy

JSON template for adding a new taxon to Module:Taxonomy/data.json:

    "Taxon Name": {
        "parent": "The next taxon up from this one when going from lowest to highest",
        "type": "Flora, Fauna, etc, remove this line if unchanged from parent taxon",
        "page": "General Page's Title, remove this line if there is none",
        "rank": "Clade"

(Remove the last comma if appending to the end of the document)

Genera and below should not be placed in the data, as they can change too easily.


Not finished yet


{{#invoke:Taxonomy|TaxoCheck|<name of taxon>}}

Basically just checks if a given taxon is in Module:Taxonomy/data.json. Returns "yes" if it is, "no" if it isn't, and "error" if you messed something up. This is intended to be used on species templates so that all taxa can be rounded up and migrated to the new system.