Mancerxia sorbus

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Mancerxia Sorbus is the next generation from Protomancerxia Megaflagella. It has formed a tube the filter feeds on the smaller organisms in the water. It mainly feeds on Protomancerxia Megaflagella and Sammancerxia symbiotae because of their large size, but it is about 3x as large as them. It also has concentrated chloroplasts so it can absorb as much sun-light as it can to keep it moving. On the top and bottom of the tube are fins in which it uses to stabilise it self as it swims through the water. Within the tube is a net-like filter of cells in which it lets out water but not food. The water goes out the end. The flagella have been replaced with a chain of cells which work in the same manner. Due to its huge size and specialised cells it is too large for binary fission and used a budding asexual reproduction. The bud grows inside the tube behind the filter membrane When the bud is large enough it will break off and fall behind the parent and swim off to filter on its own.