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The Litusken eats ferrous iron, arsenite, and selenite (selenium ions), and breathes (uses as electron donors) ferric iron, arsenate, and selenate. With no need for oxygen, it can comfortably live buried in the sediment. Its tendency to lie buried in sediment protects it from the harsh (if rapidly dwindling) UV light of the planet. While largely immobile, when food is low or it senses UV damage, it will very slowly "slither" away through subtle undulations of its cell membrane. Due to its very slow and rare movement, it usually only travels one centimeter in its lifetime (maximum four days), though gradual burial in silt means it can be found even deeper.

As selenite and arsenite are pretty rare in the coastal silt, their distributions are patchy. When food is plentiful, they live in dense, brownish films in the sand, their flat bodies massed together. They spread if they are uncovered from the sediment and carried by the current, or even by sticking to the body of its predator, the Litusfoi. While travelling, they can go dormant for about half a day until they encounter food. However, its weakness to UV light means travel above the sediment in the daytime often kills it.

It is especially abundant in the bay next to Dixon's mountain, which Coolkuy Tropical River drains into.