Layered Stemleaf

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Layered Stemleaf has grown 1 meter tall and has developed a more rigid stem. This stem incorporates keratin into its structure to provide it with support and help resist drying out. Its leaves are arranged in layers at the crown of the stem. Each layer consists of eight leaves much like its ancestor. The layers are stacked along the stem, each separated by a few cm so each leaf has access to light and air. This layering is an adaptation to increase the usable surface area for the organism to photosynthesize. This developed from a mutation which triggered continued growth of the leaves past the point when the crown was full. Eventually this developed into controlled growth of new layers from the crown of the previous layer. These leaves retain their ancestors spore production on their underside. The spores they produce are transported by the wind and will germinate on contact with soil. They lack any faunal larval stage, and the muscles which it develops early in life will atrophy long before it reaches full size. Their root and vascular system has also developed from its ancestor. The roots extend deep into the soil, maxing out at 75 cm deep, while the roots extend laterally only 30 cm. This gives Layered Stemleaf great structural support at the cost of maximal water retention.