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The janusmite shrank farther in size than its ancestor. Its limbs became much longer since they had less need to support their body weight as they became lighter. To watch for predators the janusmite has its eyes perched higher on the head facing more upwards, this became a hindrance for navigation. To compensate its now lack of forward perception the antennae grew longer and more touch sensitive allowing the janusmite to feel its way around the environment.

The janusmite's coloration allows it to stay camouflaged on the forest floor. If the janusmite is spotted by a predator it has a few tricks to evade predation. The janusmite has an interesting trait where both the front and the back of the body are similar in shape. This is to confuse predators by making them not know which end is the head of the janusmite. To help with this defense the fins on the janusmite that are present in many arthrotheres have elongated and curved at the end, this makes the rear end of the janusmite look nearly identical to the front end of the janusmite. To complete the look the fins of the janusmite often twitch to simulate the movement of the antennae on the front end. The janusmite has many different colored spots on its body including brownish yellow, which is the same color as the eyes, this is so that predators can not distinguish the eyes from the rest of the body. All of this is done to make predators not know which direction a janusmite will run off to. This is an effective strategy to avoid dangerous situations.

Janusmites eat rotting flora and fauna on the forest floor, their jaw shape helping them eat both with little problems. Janusmites still carry the effective immune system of their ancestor.