Hydro Peridot

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The hydro peridot has replaced its ancestor on the island continent of Hydro. While this is largely the result of allopatric speciation they have also developed unique adaptations of their own. Chief among these is their method of reproduction.

Like their ancestor they have specialized reproductive roots. Unlike their ancestors, when these roots meet they merge together into a single root ball which then grows into a chimeric crystal. These chimerophytes are taller than normal hydro peridots and their fungal interior is composed of a mixture of tissues from both donors. Fertilization takes place within the body of the mature chimerophyte and fertilized spores are released from microscopic pores located along the edges of their facets. Because these fertilized spores are airborne the hydro peridot can spread far and fast compared to its relatives.

Apart from their new method of reproduction they haven't changed much from their ancestor. Like them they are rupee shaped mixotrophs which form clusters of varying densities depending on soil conditions.