Goliathpseudopodia toxica

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Ancestors and Descendants
Ancestor: Goliathpseudopodia
Descendants: Goliathpseudopodia megatoxica

This organism is the result of a symbiotic cooperation between Goliathpseudopodia and Protomancerxia toxica. Through some fluke of chance Protomancerxia toxica did not get digested by Goliathpseudopodia but got stuck in the cell membrane of Goliathpseudopodia. This allowed for a new combination of the two. The absorption of Goliathpseudopodia with the toxic cells and flagella of Protomancerxia Toxica. It uses its flagella to pull pry to its toxic cells which paralyses them and allows for easier eating. Before a thrashing cell might damage Goliathpseudopodia as it absorb it. But now the stinging toxin allows for an easily digestible paralysed meal. However this was not completely beneficial. It lost the photosynthetic function of Protomancerxia Toxica as well as the extreme deforming of Goliathpseudopodia. It can now only transform its shape so far due to the combination with Protomancerxia Toxica ridged cells. Now as one creature, Goliathpseudopodia Toxica cells reproduce still using binary fission.