Golden Crestgill

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The Golden Crestgill split from its ancestor and made its way into the rivers and streams of Darwin. It mostly feeds on decaying plant matter which has made its way into the mud in and surrounding them. Though it must stay moist, it is able to come onto “land” via the riparian biomes for short periods of time, granting it great access to detritus there as well.

The golden crestgill is hardly modified from its ancestor aside from habitat, at least at a glance. It has evolved asymmetry—behind its gills, its body gradually twists 180 degrees, causing its cloaca to face down. This is advantageous, as it makes the act of pooping less messy. The top of its face is also toughened, increasing the efficiency of its digging. Like its ancestor, it mates by linking its anal fingers together and gives live birth to offspring which resemble miniature adults.