Giant Charnlit

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The Giant Charnlit originated from a population of Charnlit that migrated into the abyssal zone. There, they grew to staggering proportions due to the lack of competition. They then spread back into the midnight zone and replaced their ancestor there. However, the Charnlit still lives on in the twilight zone.

The Giant Charnlit's large size allows them to reach higher into the water column, where the Litustar and Lituswush are more common. It also allows them to gather more food. However, this increased size comes with new challenges, as their isomers are too thick to easily transfer nutrients from cell to cell. The Giant Charnlit has now developed a body cavity identical to that of the Lituslug. However, unlike the Lituslug, this body cavity is regulated by and transports hormones that are produced in glands that run down the length of each isomer. The body cavity also runs into the holdfast, where it supplies developing isomers with nutrients. The hormones that the Giant Charnlit produces help maintain its bodily functions, including growth, bud formation, and closing off the body cavity when one isomer is severed from another. . The Giant Charnlit has 26 isomers, ranging varying between 3 cm and 1.25 cm in length.