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With the extinction of the cish within the swooping euryptile’s range, the Swooping Euryptile was forced to change. As a result, it switched to eating smaller schooling prey like the naelk. These changes ultimately resulted in the evolution of the Gharion.

The Gharion has changed little from its ancestor with the exception of its long, slender snout. This snout allows the Gharion to better reach into naelk schools. It also has developed two extra claws on its forelimbs, allowing it to carry extra prey for later consumption. This is particularly important due to the lack of food in the open ocean. The Gharion has also become smaller so it can capture small prey. Because of this, they can no longer feed on the Chambered Siluro.

The Gharion’s hunting behavior has also changed little from its ancestor. They float on the surface waiting for prey to pass under them. They will then swoop into the school and capture some prey. The Gharion folds its forelimbs under its body while swimming, reducing the amount of drag they are subjected to. While the Gharion primarily feeds on Naelk, it also will feed on pelagic lagnodactyls if they are available.