Geologic Timescale

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Hydronian Period (Week 0)

4,000 Million Years Long

Huggian Period (Week 1)

In the first week, the Ur-organism "Protosagania" evolved into different species via adaptive radiation. During this period, the different kingdoms formed and spread over the globe. Near the end of the period, some complex organisms originated. At the end of this week, a coronal mass ejection wiped out the most of the organisms. This era lasted approx. 100 million years.

Week 2

Lasting 50 million years, Week 2 saw the rise of Crystal Flora as the dominant large flora and the origin of Asterzoa, which similarly claimed many simple faunal niches that were left empty by the end-Huggian extinction event. Binucleid worms and Luceremundarians also saw massive diversification. This era ended with a minor extinction event caused by the Cish Plague.