Fur Mycostrum

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The Fur Mycostrum split off from the Dwarf Mycostrum as a result of its host moving north. To keep its host, the Fur Knightworm, alive in cooler temperate conditions, it has developed insulating fibers derived from degenerate fruiting bodies which start to grow from its mycelium when it feeds exclusively on chitin—a nearly foolproof sign of being on its symbiote, though it will also occasionally grow these fibers while feeding on crystal detritus which is also rich in chitin. As keeping its host alive is advantageous, Fur Mycostrum which has a host completely covers its host’s body, rather than being haphazardly spread over it.

In its free-living form (pictured), it looks identical to its ancestor, though it does not shoot out new fruiting bodies over the winter in either form in order to conserve energy and protect itself from the frost. Over the winter, its metabolism slows down dramatically to survive, significantly more so in its symbiote form due to the Fur Knightworm’s own metabolism also slowing down.

Like its ancestor, the Fur Mycostrum feeds on detritus when it grows without a host. It reproduces through budding from its many fruiting bodies; in the free-living form the buds are sticky and will stick to passing Fur Knightworms, while in the symbiote form the fruiting bodies themselves break off and serve as buds to create new free-living individuals.