Filter Lad

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The Filter Lad split from its ancestor and ascended. In the somewhat better-lit realm of the Twilight Zone, it mostly feeds on plankton found in the open waters. It retains the ability to use its UV bulbs to illuminate its environment, shifting the exact wavelength it uses to be one that reflects off of Beastbulls so that it can see its predators when it ventures into the deeper waters of LadyM. Like its ancestor, it filter-feeds by passively catching small organisms on its bristly tentacles, though it will also scavenge for dead organisms, crushing them with its tentacles so it can swallow them whole.

Like its ancestor, the Filter Lad identifies food or potential mates using its eyesight and UV bulbs and only meets others of its kind to fight or mate. With bioluminescence being less important for communication, it also uses the color and quality of its light as a health indicator; its iridescence remains important for this as well.