Filter Chad

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The Filter Chad split from its ancestor, ascended, and quadrupled in size thanks to lacking competition for large filter-feeders. At 12 meters in length, this absolutely enormous unit of a filter-feeder spends all its time swimming around hoovering up as much food as it can. Its tentacles are curled into its mouth, the setae functioning more like baleen to catch food while water exits out the sides of the mouth. Membranes stretched between its tentacles keeps this contained to maximize its food-catching ability. Because of the changes, it can no longer grab large food to eat and has become an obligate filter-feeder. It is also no longer an effective fighter, and it’s too big for anything to even eat at the time it evolved, so it is considerably less aggressive than its ancestor. It retains its UV bulbs, which serve more as health indicators alongside their iridescence when finding mates. Filter Chads rarely meet except to mate. Like its ancestor, the Filter Chad has light purple blood and must swim constantly to push water through its gills.