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Disasters are various events that can cause extinction events. Disasters are constructed as they are conceptualized, and feature a combination of extinction thresholds and RNG to determine what will live or die. This page summarizes all disasters events that have happened thus far on Sagan 4.

To see the archived version of this page with information on Alpha Sagan, see Disasters/Alpha.

Major Extinction Events

Major extinction events are global events which affect most habitats and lineages.

End-Huggian Extinction Event

At the end of the Huggian period (week 1), a coronal mass ejection struck Sagan 4 in such a way that it was channeled by the magnetic field instead of being deflected, giving the planet a healthy dose of solar radiation and killing 70% of all species.

Minor Extinction Events

Minor extinction events are ones which only affected species in a particular region or of a particular lineage. These mainly include things such as volcanic eruptions, local climate clange, and plagues.

Cish Plague

The Cish Plague was a disease which appeared at the end of week 2. It wiped out all cish apart from the Snoodcish, as well as the closely-related Carpotesta Devoratori and Protodevoratori.