Deetshexa Anemonestar

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The Deetshexa Anemenostar can grow to 8 mm long and much like its ancestor will live its adult life on stable structures such as rocks and crystal flora. It has lost its ability to reproduce via fragmentation and instead relies on sexual reproduction that is much like its ancestor. It is a sequential hermaphrodite with the alteration between male and female occurring during each breeding event. Breeding occurs once a month during spring tides, with eggs and sperm produced leading up to the event being released en masse. These eggs can remain viable for multiple years as they drift through the sea until reaching shallow water and settling into the substrate. The egg will then hatch into a motile larva which will crawl to a high location such as rocks or crystal flora to then develop into its adult sessile form. Its longer body length increases its range with which to scavenge. Its body has some degree of extension and retraction, allowing it to stretch itself to latch onto objects and pull them into its mouth.