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Differentiation of body parts can create varied forms. Cryostem has created a new body part through this differentiation: a stem. The stem can photosynthesize like the frond it once was, but it now supports other fronds which are more dedicated to photosynthesizing. Its anchor is much the same as its ancestor's, providing a hold to the substrate and as an overwintering state. Reproduction is spore-based. These spores move through the film of water on the Cryostem's surface until they fuse with another spore and can germinate into a new Cryostem. It will also send out runners to take control of large areas, though it is rare for any single Cryostem to send out runners more than 2 cm from the parent. To survive freezing, the Cyrostem's anchor is able to survive freezing solid, with new growth of the stem and frond happening each spring. They grow in and along the water’s edge, lining rivers and ponds with small teal stems.