Carpotesta linkteneresca

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Ancestors and Descendants
Ancestor: Carpotesta multiteneresca
Descendants: Carpetesta, Interweb, Linkten

C. linkteneresca is a descendant of C. multiteneresca that began to use its extended bait tentacles to connect with other smaller clusters, with a single cluster typically consisting of 3-4 individual cells. Instead of bringing these connected clusters close together, they would be kept at a distance. As new clusters keep connecting, the expanding group ends up looking like some kind of net or mesh. With all of their connected bait tentacles, C. linkteneresca is able to snatch various prey items from the water as it drifts along. Since each cluster is not permanently connected to the main 'cloud', they can break off as needed and go their separate ways.

C. linkteneresca reproduces using binary fission. When the cluster divides, the daughter cells form above the parent cells. When the daughter cells fully disconnect from their parent cells, the daughter cells drift away, connected to each other and forming their small cluster. It is not unusual for a cloud of connected C. linkteneresca clusters to have formed from one or more clusters linking with their daughter cells.