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The Busromble can grow to 32 meters tall, making it the largest flora to yet develop on Fermi. Its three distinct frond groups have adapted in response to its radical increase in size. Its base fronds are curved, long and flat, shading out the ground below them to restrict the growth of other flora that may grow too close to the trunk. This shading also assists in preventing its own offspring from potentially competing with it. The crown fronds have also become curved and flat, forming a tangled canopy. The trunk fronds have taken to growing in clusters rather than entirely around the trunk. They grow much the same as its ancestor's trunk fronds, fusing over time to form a disk with a drainage gap at its lowest point. This growth pattern leads to multiple flat discs spread randomly about the trunk, usually concentrated just under the crown fronds.

Reproduction is much the same as its ancestor. Gametes are produced in the base fronds and transferred from one individual to another. This transfer can occur via wind, rain and even direct contact of fronds from distinct individuals. The gametes will fuse to produce a zygote which will migrate through the fronds and trunk to a bare section of trunk above the base fronds. There a Sporoplume will sprout, producing zoospores to be transported by the wind to germinate in new areas. Busromble can reach their maximum height in 30 years, growing slow and steady over the course of their lives. They can start reproducing after 10 years and can reach a max age of 70 years.