Branching Palmstem

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Branching Palmstem has grown to 1 meter tall and has developed a branching stem. The Branching Palmstem starts growth with a singular stem. When it reaches 50 centimeters in height, a new stem will begin growing from the midpoint of the stem. This secondary growth is similar to budding in that the new stems are nearly identical to the original stem. This branching form allows it to control a large area and shade out its competitors. Each branch is capped with 4 leaves, which also produce its reproductive spores on their undersides. Much like its ancestor, these spores are dispersed by the air and will germinate once they reach soil. They lack any faunal larval stage, and the muscles which it develops early in life will atrophy long before it reaches full size.

Their root and vascular system has also developed from its ancestor. The roots are also branching, extending laterally and deeply to the same extent of 50 cm at maximum. This provides a good balance of firm support, and water and nutrient uptake. Its stem and leaves are covered in a thick cuticle to resist drying out.