Binucleusphotoedo stringi

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Ancestors and Descendants
Ancestor: Binucleusphotoedo
Descendants: Binucleusphotoedo rami, Binucleusphotoedo funes, String Eukarybacter

B. stringi is a descendant of B. photoedi that formed long colonial strands that float in the water. These long strands drift along in the water, each B. stringi cell photosynthesizing and sharing energy with the adjacent cells. When B. stringi undergo binary fission, the new cells are formed on the ends of the cell, adding the new cells to the chain.

Each individual B. stringi cell is only 50 micrometers long, but a chain of them can reach much greater lengths. If a chain of B. stringi is broken, both sections will develop into an entirely new chain. B. stringi drifts in the water, often getting caught in currents and pushed to new locations.