Bemissidya Fringeweed

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The Bemissidya Fringeweed has moved into fresh water in parts of Talon and Orpington. Its dome has increased in size, providing a nutrient storage structure for periods of the year in which nutrients are scarce. Its fronds can grow up to 2 meters long and grow in rings along the central dome. The coloration of its dome and fronds is dependent on their depth, with the coloration becoming lighter as they grow upward in response to available light. Reproductive fronds grow from the top of the dome, each producing different gametes to drift away and form microscopic gametophytes. The gametophytes will produce zygotes, which will develop into sporophytes should they survive and establish themselves in the substrate. Bemissidya live upward of 10 years and reach full size and sexual maturity after 3 years.